The Original Raiders Golf Helmet has been found in the City of San Fernando by Raiders fan Gino Perez. Gino and his son have received several bids to restore the Raiders helmet to its former glory. However, Gino and son cannot do this alone, they need donations and they need them fast. They recently signed an agreement to renovate the Raiders Helmet. We need to raise 15,000 dollars to bring it back to its glory. DONATE TODAY! When you donate we will add your name to the growing list of Raider Nation Fans who believe in bringing the Raiders back to their glory days.

The Original Helmet of the Raiders

Original Raiders Helmet found in the San Fernando Valley!

Add your name to the list!
Gary Gonzalez, Los Angeles $10.00
Vicky Casas, Montebello $15.00
John Rigby, Florida $25.00
Bill Brett, California $12.00